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Scott Morgan’s WriteHook climbed high into my list of most frequent Internet landing pads from the first time the link beguiled me and I did click.  The header dropped that first bit of advice coming from the core of his design in a font so blood red that I have been tempted to touch the screen to see if it is wet:  Write for the jugular.

What does that mean?  It means Scott is a writer, soul to chromosome, and to paraphrase Robert Heinlein, he pays attention to writing in the same way that most people pay attention to their own heartbeats.  His honesty never bores or depresses you with laments of how no one reads anymore or how trying to make a living writing is like making a living trying to win the lottery.  He doesn’t ask you, “Do you want to write, or do you want to have written?” 

He probably doesn’t care. 

But I don’t need to sell the point when his material speaks for itself.  Here are a couple of quotes from his site to give you a feel of his perspective:

I am a former journalist. Former. I love that word so much because journalism will salt you up and eat your soul with a side of home fries and then wipe its greasy fingers all over what's left of your face.”

“Characters are assholes. . . . And if you don't exercise your authority over them at all times (all times!) they will unzip their flies and wizz all over you.”

Scott has done (and succeeded at) this writing thing for more than half of his life.  He likes showing you how to take a wishy-washy character and drop an engine into it.  Treat yourself to an epiphany and watch his video to see what happens to your characters when you learn what D.R.I.V.E. is.  I watched it, felt my jaw drop, and then immediately went to Amazon and bought his book Character Development from the Inside Out. 

Not only this, but WriteHook offers a big buffet of writer services including blog, newsletter, videos, webinars, workshops, and plenty of free stuff.

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